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digital art expo international
in downtown los angeles

Digital Art L.A. is a multi-site international digital art expo in the Gallery Row area of Downtown Los Angeles organized by Rex Bruce and L.A. Center for Digital Art (LACDA). The event includes exhibits by area galleries, theatres, and venues near LACDA. Many of these venues will host selected work from major out of area institutions. The centerpiece will be an international new media exhibit of juried submissions hosted by LACDA selected by Peter Frank, curator of contemporary art, L.A. County Museum of Art. This exhibit will run thrugh September 5 at LACDA.

The event will take place September 9 with screenings and exhibits throught the day. The artists' reception will be September 9, 7-9pm at LACDA and the official afterparty doors open 9pm with live electronic performances, video and more. We are in collaboration with the Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles, and our events occupy a page in their festival guide.

The event is FREE and open to the public.


Statement from Howard N. Fox,
Curator of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
(Juror for 2008 exhibit)

Digital technology was initially invented for computing and data storage; later it was developed for use in audio and video equipment; and after that was adapted to all manner of communication and imaging, from cell phones to body scans. But all such applications are rooted in the apprehension, storage, transmission, and display of information - that is, of facts, of data, of any useful worldly intelligence - in the form of binary code. At least until the artists got to it.

It is hardly surprising, given the roots of modern art in notions of a revolutionary avant-garde, that progressive artists in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries devoured new materials, new technologies, and new art forms with a prodigious and omnivorous appetite. Digital technologies are no exception, and whether artists today use digital tools to aid in generating traditional art forms (for example by making virtual sketches toward paintings or sculpture) or as the basis of experimental new art forms that are generated by and/or displayed via binary code, many artists around the world have indeed gone digital.

In selecting the works for DigitalArt.LA, no aesthetic parameters or requirements were set. Artists were free to submit work of any artistic persuasion - and they did, with copious entries that ranged from moving images to interactive installations to still images. Yet it seems that certain aesthetic predilections may have been at work. The works that asserted themselves most strongly tended to be those that integrally and overtly engage digital technology in the final form of the work. Thus, while some very compelling "straight" photography made with digital cameras and print methods is deservedly represented, the preponderance of works here tend to manipulate the factuality of the real world or to invent worlds that exist only in a realm of digital generation and display. The exhibition is characterized less by faithful reportage than by invention, transfiguration, and wonderment.

So while the "ancient" history of digital technology may have its DNA in strictly practical, informational tasking, the interests and imaginations of the artists who have appropriated those technologies in recent years have evolved them into agents of human psyche that, like much art throughout human history, has only a passing focus on things as they are and much more engagement with our dreams, our fears, our desires.

Howard N. Fox
Juror, DigitalArt.LA


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