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2009 'DigitalArt.LA' Selected Artists

Congratulations to all of our entrants to the LACDA 2009 "DigitalArt.LA" Juried Competition! You have all made excellent contributions to the pioneering field of digital art and have made art history by participating in a new area of creativity and a new kind of exhibition.

There were so many outstanding artists of all kinds from around the globe that it was very difficult to choose our winners. We endeavored to select winners that each represented the best of a variety of disciplines, cultures and geographical locations. We will continue to maintain a schedule of calls for artists in the future, so we encourage artists to enter again as many will be selected in the future.

The Selected Artists:

Joao Werner
Tom Feucht
Campbell Laird
Kendall McMinimy
Dameon Lester

Elke Brand
Martin Amorous
Diane Fox
Martina Shenal
Michelle Hagewood
Celia Marais
Samvel Saghatelian
Allan Barnes
Artie Vierkant
John Chang
John Klof
Manuel Vazquez
Christi Neilsen
Joe Merrell
Yoshie Sakai
Vonda Yarberry
Ger Ger
Kiyomitsu Saito
Michael Henderson
Annabel Manning
Michael Lasater
Darren Floyd
Barbara Horiuchi
Trish Stone
Pat O'Neill
Rosemary Comella
Scott Mahoy
Kristy H.A. Kang
Andreas Kratky
Carroll Parrot Blue
Marsha Kinder
James Tobias
Juri Hwang
Matthew Swarts
Santiago Echeverry
Felicity Rich


Our most sincere thanks to all for contributing to the success of digital art!

















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